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Balance and Control


Hello, my name is Meghann. And I am a fitness addict.


Let’s talk fitness addiction for a minute.


I know what you’re thinking; “How could being addicted to something healthy EVER be a bad thing?” And you’d be partially correct in you’re thinking, because being addicted to something healthy is better than something that’s not. HOWEVER.


Over training becomes a thing. Injuries, irritability, headaches, emotional sensitivity…. these are ALL signs of over training. And aside from the injuries part, are all also things that I experience when I’m stressed out, which I may or may not be right now (read: my mother is coming to visit in seven days, my test is in nine, and we are property sitting right now). So sometimes it’s REALLY hard to determine if a workout will help me or hurt me.


I was unable to make a class last night. And at first, I was REALLY upset by the prospect of not getting my workout in (sign #1 that I’m addicted). Like, on the verge of a panic because I didn’t get the chance to go to that class last week either (though that was my own personal decision, not out of my control), and I really like that class (OMG I LIKE ALL OF THEM). AND, I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot fitness wise on Sunday. So I was itching to get back to getting my sweat (and socialization with persons over the age of 10) on (sign #2 that I’m addicted). So I started thinking about all the things that I could do this week to make up for missing that class (sign #3 that I’m addicted), and I decided that I would skip taking the kid to Striders this week and put in my miles that I need to be doing because HELLO HALF MARATHON IN OCTOBER (sign #4 that I’m addicted). So…. crisis averted. Good thinking, self. Also, I probably could use a day of rest. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.


All joking aside, I do have to be very careful. I am still working toward some goals, and am feeling stalled because my body is now USED to going at this rate. Four to five classes a week, two runs a week, and volleyball has been really good for me. It’s kept me sane, and less stressed, and very productive, but MOST important is all the FUN I’ve been having. I am a better mother, and wife, because of the commitment I have made to myself. I need to carefully consider upping my workouts to two-a-days some days, and also need to balance that with resting. Lifting heavier, eating cleaner, but making sure I’m fueling my body properly for running long distances. All while balancing home and soon (hopefully) a career.


I have to make sure I’m not over training. I have to make sure that the addiction stays under control. Like any other addiction, it’s important to have balance and control. Because the minute you don’t… it takes over. And while fitness is a good thing, and health is important, there is such a thing as too much. And too much of even a good thing can be dangerous.


It’s not going to kill me to miss ONE class this week. I am committed to 9 miles tonight (holy wow, I haven’t gone that far in a while… oops). And workouts the rest of the week… I will begin planning my two-a-days VERY carefully, and making sure WATER is being consumed (I AM SO BAD ABOUT THAT), food is on point, and stress is manageable. I will keep the balance in my home, and in my life, and I will rest… maybe… okay, I WILL REST (guys, it’s so hard). I will have balance and control, and remember WHY I started this whole process.


And when I miss a class… I will not eat ice cream. Because it is NOT the end of the world.


I didn’t. That was a joke. I WANTED to, but I didn’t.


Author: Meghann

Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

2 thoughts on “Balance and Control

  1. Well, of all the things to get addicted to……

  2. I could use a bit of addiction to something like that myself, I’m thinking. :P~

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