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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a LONG time. But with my test date getting closer (GUYS IT IS IN 21 DAYS), I have been burying my head in books and things to make sure I know my stuff before I sit for this test. I don’t wanna fail. So. There’s that.


I am ALWAYS asked what things I am eating now a days. And let me tell you, I have some DOOZIES for you. None of them are my own, all of them are from cookbooks or websites of people who are way better at this Paleo thing than I am. And I wanna talk about Paleo for a second.


There are a LOT of haters out there. And that’s okay. Because it’s not for them. And that’s cool. This is how I eat. A LOT of people ask me the following:


“What the heck is that awesome looking thing on your Instagram that you were eating for dinner the other day?”




“HEY! YOU! Do you have any recipes I can try?”




“What in the heck are you doing? Starving yourself? What are you eating?”



So. This is for those people. If you’re not a fan of Paleo food, well, maybe try it anyway? I don’t know, you do you. But the following recipes are DELICIOUS, and even my husband has requested that I make them again… and again… and again. So. I thought I would share (with some Non-Paleo ideas… how nice am I??).



So I went on kind of a PaleOMG kick for two weeks, and found some AMAZING recipes. There was THIS Brazilian Curry Chicken that you make in the crock pot. It was delicious, and I ate it with brown rice. It reheated nicely, and I will be making it again. So freaking yummy.



There was This Tequila Cilantro Lime Chicken that I ate by itself one day, and over a salad the next. You know how sometimes you marinade stuff and it doesn’t REALLY taste like the marinade? Yeah, that wasn’t a problem here. It was delicious. You could even make this chicken into chicken tacos if you’re so inclined.



And then there were THESE Herb Spinach Chicken Burgers which I ate with no bun and over sweet potato fries, and holy crap, ya’ll. They were AMAZING! Super easy, didn’t fall apart, and VERY flavorful. You could even top them with feta or goat cheese, and slap them on a whole wheat bun, and man… that would be delicious.



But then…. then I came across THE BEST RECIPE EVER: BAHN MI LOADED FRIES, and I died. Because you guys? These are AMAZEBALLS. They’re my new favorite “omg this tastes like junk food, how can this even be Paleo” food. My husband requests them every.single.night. They’re spicy, they’re sweet, and they are INCREDIBLE. Yes, they take a little bit, but that’s only because you have to cut up some sweet potatoes. The meat takes next to no time, and the sriracha mayo is now something I have in my house AT ALL TIMES. I use it on eggs, on salmon cakes, on sweet potatoes, every.freaking.thing. OMGJUMPONTHEPALEOWAGON BUT ONLY FOR THIS RECIPE IF THE REST DON’T SOUND GOOD. Ahem, sorry. I’m VERY passionate about this recipe. She’s a freaking genius. Seriously.



There is also THESE Cabbage Pizza Rolls that I made, and those were really good as well. They weren’t soggy. And they did, in fact, remind me of my beloved pizza. So. You should try those as well.




I have two new cookbooks that I have been cooking out of as well. And at some point, I will post some recipes from them. One of them is written by Juli Bauer (PaleOMG) and it’s got some amazing stuff in it. Easy, amazing stuff.



And a note on that: eating whole foods is not easy. It’s time consuming and yes, can be expensive. You have to plan ahead, meal prep, think about what you’re doing for the week so that you’re not spending time in the kitchen when you should be somewhere else. But I promise you, if you take the time at the beginning of the week to meal plan, make a list, and then prep (GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED)… it does get easier. It doesn’t HAVE to be fancy. Sometimes it’s just whatever is left in your kitchen the day before shopping day. But plan for that! Make sure you have proteins and veggies around to cook in a pinch. Our go-to? Turkey burger patties and sweet potato fries. Easy, quick, and still delicious. We top with avocado, or salsa, or homemade ketchup, or MOST DELICIOUS sriracha mayo. So, yanno, there’s that.



So. I hope this pointed you all to some new things to try. Like I said, I will try and post some recipes from the cookbooks soon. Back to studying I go!!!











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