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It has taken me a little while to get this post up. For several reasons, the biggest one being that I haven’t really wanted to admit to myself that it happened, and that it’s over. You guys, this vacation we just took was a DREAM for me. Everything about it was incredible (even the drive home, which I will talk about in a little bit), I kept saying to Daryl, “I’m going to wake up and this won’t be real, and we are going to have to STILL go.” It was THAT perfect.


So it all started WAY back in September of last year when my BFF suggested that we run a half marathon in San Diego. I signed up, and we started talking about travel plans. Eventually, THIS happened. We booked an apartment, which in our mind was better than a hotel, because we were travelling with so many people including our little monsters. I was a teeny bit skeptical about staying in an apartment complex that I didn’t know, in a city I didn’t know, in an apartment I didn’t know. You guys…



How wrong was I? I’m kinda getting a head of myself… I didn’t even talk about the drive down.


We started out in the weeeeeeee early hours of the morning (read: about 4:30 am) with the intention of getting to Sacramento that day. We hit minimal traffic in Seattle (which was awesome), a teeny bit of a stop in Portland (which, again, was pretty awesome), and made our way further down I-5 than I had ever been.


Now I don’t know what I expected when we crossed the border into California. I had never been there before (other than the airport in San Francisco when we went to Hawaii), so I guess I thought it would look different. Northern California reminded me of Washington, and Oregon. Which… DUH, MEGHANN, of course it did. What I wasn’t expecting was this:




This HUGE mountain as we came around the bend…. This is Mount Shasta, and it’s HUGE. And very beautiful. I don’t know much about it, so I’m going to have to Google some info, but I would bet she’s a volcano like most of the HUGE mountains around here. And I bet she’s fairly young. She sure is pretty though.


We stopped at the rest stop not far from that picture, and I was under orders from some friends of mine to a) take it easy until race day, b) stretch since I would be spending a lot of time in the car (mostly my hips), c) take yoga rest stop pictures, and d) DO NOT DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS. So this is what I did instead…




Although I can’t tell you how tempting it was to do handstands all over the place. But I did what I was told. 😉


We did make it to Sacramento, it was about 8:00 pm by the time we got there…. long day. So we crashed out, slept really well, and woke up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed….




And STARVING. I had brought fruit, popcorn, water, and stuff for peanut butter and honey sammiches on the way down. But we needed some BREAKFAST. And since the hotel we stayed at didn’t offer breakfast (what???),  I asked Siri where to go.


Did you guys know that everything in California is SUPER pricey? Yeah, I had kinda figured that (hence the snacks on the way down), so I looked for a place that Siri said was reasonably priced, and away we went….


We ended up at this ADORABLE cafe called Cafe Lumiere. If you’re ever in Sacramento, GO THERE. It’s off Broadway. I went for the pastries, because I am my mother’s daughter and LOVE pastries, but I am also my father’s daughter and love stuff like this….




Veggie stuffed hash browns. Two layers of potatoes, eggs and veggies in between, topped with homemade salsa, sour cream, and sriracha. You guys… THIS. All of this, all the time, all the days, all the feels, all the EVERYTHING OMG IT WAS THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER. Daryl got the bacon stuffed hash browns, and it was awesome, too. So. Go there. We didn’t even get a darn pastry, so now I have to go back.



After leaving Sacramento, it was our mission to get to San Diego before the Canadians invaded around 6:45 or so (they flew, they’re smart). So our Waze App (highly recommend, by the way) found us the fastest route… not through LA like you might think (because if there’s one thing I learned in math it’s that the shortest distance between two points is a straight freaking line), but ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way AROUND Orange County and into San Diego County VIA THE FREAKING DESERT. It was hot. I slept. No pictures becauseitisdesertandisthesameformilesandmiles. Ahem.


We finally got to the above apartment around 6:00 ish, checked in, got our stuff put down, let the Canadians in, and we were ready to go get some food. We walked down the street to this little shopping center and ate pizza, burgers, fries, and I forget what Jeremy had.





I had a cold, I didn’t care. We were there, it was warm, we were eating yummy food, staying in a super nice place, we had our friends there… life was good.



The next day was pretty mellow… we went to the expo…




Court and Jer went from there to the zoo. We went to lunch with our long time friend Jacque (who FORGOT to take a selfie with me during that lunch), who then suggested we head over to Coronado Beach. So we did, because he’s from San Diego and knows all the places to go. Trust.



I love the view of downtown San Diego from that beach. It’s so beautiful. And for as big as it looks, I never felt crowded like I do in downtown Denver, or downtown Seattle. And I was down there with 33,000 people!!! It’s a great city, I can’t wait to go back (next year, baby!!!).


We then decided to go back and make some dinner, and just have a relaxing evening before our big race. Which is exactly what we did.




Sunday was Race Day. It felt like it took up most of my day, but it didn’t, only about half. After the race, Daryl, the kids, and I went back to the apartment, and relaxed for a while. We all decided we were going to have In N Out for dinner that night… and I have to tell you, I have never loved a fast food burger as much as I loved that one. It was DELICIOUS, and I now have a love/hate relationship with In N Out. I love their food, hate that they’re not here, and love that they’re not here at the same time because 250 lb Meghann would make a come back. We spent some time at the pool and at the hot tub, and just took it easy.


Monday was mine and Daryl’s 12 year anniversary. The plan was to head to LegoLand with the kiddos, and then we realized how much it would cost to get in and said “nope, not worth it for only a few hours there.” So… we let Oliver decide what he wanted to do…





We ordered food to the cabana at the pool, we swam, we hung out in the hot tub… it was a good half day. Then we had to say goodbye to our friends as they were flying out that evening, and we were headed to a baseball game (thanks again, Jacque!!!).




I was sad to see them go, but so thrilled that they were there, and proud of all Courtney and I had accomplished. No tears, just hugs and “see you soon.”


Then…. well…



I had to watch as my favorite team got beat by the San Diego Padres. It was a sad day in baseball, but one of the best days ever. I am a life long baseball fan, a loyal Braves fan (even when they play like crap), a HUGE Jacque fan, and a lover of my boys… so this part of my trip was my second favorite part. It’s a BEAUTIFUL stadium, a great crowd, an amazing city, and I guess their team is alright. 😉


We left the next morning with heavy hearts, and heavy eyelids. It was a struggle for me to leave San Diego. I had fallen in love with the people (oh my were there some amazingly funny people on that run), the beach (TAKE ME BACK), the ocean, the city. It was easy to get everywhere we wanted to be, I never felt crowded or like I had to push my way through people, the food… oh man, the food. It really is just a great place. I can see why people love it there.


As we traveled back, we made the decision to take the long way home (read: about two hours longer) so that we could visit San Francisco. I don’t like bridges much, but one as iconic as this one deserves at least one visit in a lifetime. So we drove through downtown San Fran (which I need to go back to), and drove over the bridge…




My husband is a rock star, y’all. He drove us into Yreka, CA at like 1:30 am. We slept, we woke up, we ate, we left… we got home to the rain, the clouds, the cold at about 7:30 or 8:00. It was a long ride home, with many stops (none of which I wanted to make, the one stop I DID want to make, we couldn’t because it was so late and there was an accident backing up traffic). We were tired, we were grumpy, we all had to get up the next day and pretend like we hadn’t just had the BEST TIME EVER and wanted to stay.


It wasn’t long enough. There were things I wanted to do that I just didn’t feel like I had time to do. I wanted to explore the gaslamp district more, I wanted to hang at the beach, I wanted to wander around downtown San Francisco.


But as the week has gone on, and we are back to our regularly scheduled life. I am so thankful. I’m thankful that we can GO to places like this, and DO things like we did. I’m thankful that we got to experience a new place, with friends, and that there’s more for us to go back to. I’m thankful that my husband works so hard for our family, and loves to drive like he does so that we CAN do these things. I’m thankful that my kids love car rides so much that we can spend 14 hours in a car, and they’re not wired in the hotel rooms. I’m thankful that they love adventuring and sleeping in hotel beds. I’m thankful that once a year, we can leave our home and trust that our cats, plants, and home are taken care of and protected (THANK YOU). I’m so thankful. I love my life, I love my boys, I love this journey.



Next year though? I’m flying, it’s a girl’s week, and I’m gonna go exploring. 😉



Until next year, San Diego. You know that song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco?” Yeah… San Diego has my heart for now. ❤


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