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Super Hero Day

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Did you know today is Super Hero Day? This day was created by Marvel (only my favorite super hero creators) in 1995 to celebrate both real and fictional super heroes. Guys. WHAT THE HECK?!?!

I feel the need to turn in my geek card. So sad.

I asked people on The Facespace about who their heroes were. Real, fictional, I don’t care. It will be interesting to see how they respond. I feel like people feel an obligation to respond with someone they know in real life, or with a generic answer of “my parents,” or “firefighters.” Not that these people aren’t heroes, because they are, but it’s interesting to me how people just automatically respond that way (she says as she’s about to respond to the question).

So, who are my favorite super heroes? Well…

Thor. Because who doesn’t like a handsome Norse God carrying around a huge hammer who can make lightening? I mean, let’s just be real for a minute… Out of all of them, he’s pretty much the best looking. Just sayin. Looks aside though, I found my love for Thor growing a bit more with the release of the Thor movies these last few years. His love for Loki and Jane, and the struggle to balance that with doing the right thing. It made him seem more human, which I always love.

Iron Man. And this is simply because of the portrayal done by RDJ. I love me a snarky, smart character who hides behind his humor and toys. I have even started to think that RDJ is probably Tony Stark like, for real, and I just giggle every time I see him (which is better than the sadness I felt when I saw him in the 90s, with all the drug problems and whatnot). 

And yes, I realize that my fictional super heroes are based on all the wonderment that is Marvel Movies these days, but come on, how could they NOT be. Yes, some of the story lines are a bit skewed, and yes, some fan boys/girls weren’t happy with all that Joss brought to Avengers. But come on people, it’s entertainment. And you gotta admit those movies are entertaining (even if not always fluid).

As for real life, that’s a bit harder for me to answer. And it’s not because I don’t have heroes in my life, I have TROVES of amazing people who I admire, and who have ALL been heroes to me at some point. And I think that’s the thing about real-life heroes. Sometimes, they’re fluid.

When I was a kid, it was grandpa. I worshipped the ground he walked on. I couldn’t wait to spend time fishing, and camping, and tying flies. And he was just IT for me. Spending time at their house was the best. And while all of that never changed, hero status kind of diminished. Though I adore and miss him every freaking day.

When I was a teenager, well, I don’t think I had a hero. I should have. And it should have been my parents, because HOLY CRAP the stuff they went through. They were super heroes for not giving up on me. Ever.

As an adult, hero status is kind of this weird concept to me. 

Yes, there are men and women who risk their lives every single day to keep my kids and I safe. And I appreciate, respect, and love them for it. And yes, they are heroes. 

But there are also the single moms and dads I know, who work full time (and sometimes have two jobs), their kids are in sports, and they still spend every weekend taking their kids places. Those people are heroes in my eyes; providing for their little families, dealing with whatever situation has brought them to single parenthood, and rocking it. I don’t know how they do it.

And then there are the little heroes. The ones that show us that no matter what you’re facing in life, be it physical, mental, or emotional, there is still hope in the world. These kids inspire me always.

And I guess that’s my point: hero is a word we use to describe someone who inspires us to be the absolute best possible version of ourselves, right? Someone that we look up to in times of darkness or despair. Someone who’s behavior helps guide us when we don’t exactly know what to do. For some people, their heroes are religious figures. For others, it’s their parents. For me, there are a lot of people in my life that inspire me to be the best possible version of me. And sometimes, that person is even staring me in the face when I look in the mirror.

It’s a hard question for me to answer, and maybe it seems like a cop out because there are too many. But at some point in my life, most of the people I know have been my hero for one reason or another. Even for just a day. So, thank you. Thanks for inspiring me to be the best possible version of me. 


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