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The Week The Internet Blew Up

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So…. this is a thing on the internet this week.

And some of my favorite You Tubers responded to it herehere, and here.

As well as the ENTIRE internet fucking BLEW UP this week because of it.

The. Entire. Internet.

So… I feel like there’s some shit I have to say about it. Because, well, anything titled “Dear Fat People” I feel like it totally applies to me. Mostly because I consider myself fat. So. Okay. Here we go.

This chick has the same sense of humor that I do. Pretty straight forward, and sarcastic, and yanno… pretty unfiltered.


This video is really frustrating for a number of reasons:

I feel like this bitch has NEVER, in her whole entire life, struggled with body issues. Someone said it (I’m pretty sure it was Meghan Tonjes) that this is bad comedy wrapped in a privileged bow. I’m not sure that Nichole has EVER had to look in the mirror and come to terms with the body that she was “given.” Or seen something that she’s uncomfortable with. Or hardly recognized the person that was staring back at her. So…. if you’ve never had to struggle with it, what right do you have to speak on it?

Towards the end of the video (which it took me about 3 times to get through), she talks about how we, as an audience, should think of her as one of our ride or dies (for you old people, that’s besties). As someone who has no filter, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would EVER talk to one of my best girlfriend like that. Ever. NEVER. I’ve said some shit that could have been considered mean, but I would NEVER basically tell my best friend to just stop being fat. Ever. Just. No.

Fat shaming IS a thing. And Nichole just did it. And while I understand that she calls this comedy, and she is trying to “motivate” people into losing weight. Talking shit to them until they “want” to stop being fat (which, by the way, isn’t always a thing) is fat shaming. Nope. You’re argument is INVALID because that, right there, is the VERY DEFINITION of fat shaming. And it IS a thing, and people DO cut themselves, OD on drugs, end up six feet under because people (like Nichole) say shit like this to them IN PERSON IN THEIR LIVES. People that they care about, their families, their “friends,” strangers on the plane (which, ironically, the dude she talks about in the video wrote a letter to her here.), teachers, etc, etc, etc.

I think Phil said it best when he said “Even if you have a valid argument, none of it matters if you act like an asshole.”

So, here’s the thing about the rest of the video. I agree that people SHOULD care about their own health. And people that don’t need to find the motivation to love themselves enough to care about being healthy. And seriously, it’s a fucking hard thing to do. And I agree that you need people in your life who will help you on that journey, and be honest, and be a shoulder for you to cry on, and be tough on you and make you do those extra 2 miles. But there’s a way to go about it, and this? This wasn’t it.

And I feel like Nichole did this strictly for the attention that she got. And continues to get. And that makes me sad. And it makes me sad that it triggered so much distraught for so many people. And it makes me sad that she simply cannot be funny in a smart and caring way. Because there’s a way to have no filter and still be nice about it, and funny about it, and HUMAN about it. This video (and some others) just make her look like an asshole.

What do YOU guys think about it? Did it bother you? Did you feel like she was being funny? Whatchoo think?


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