My Hearth and Heart

Because my heart is always at home


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I don’t know if you know this, but every single year I pull out the scrapbook that I made. I sit alone and stare at the pages full of pictures, cards, and memories and I hardly recognize us. We are younger, thinner, childless in those photos. Time hadn’t taken it’s toll yet. Some years it feels like a lifetime ago, and others it feels like just yesterday.

This year will be no exception. I will pull out that same scrapbook, probably after O goes to school, I go for my run, and A goes down for a nap. I will sit alone and stare at each and every memory. And this year, I will be looking back a decade. A third of our lives ago. And it will feel like it was only yesterday.

You and I? We have been through more than our fair share of shit. Moving, children, loss, separation, family drama, depression, anxiety, work drama, living with relatives… The list goes on and on. Some days have been easier than others, but we’ve made it through somehow.

When I feel like my world is spiraling out of control, all I have to do is look beside me and there you are. Since day one, you’ve grounded me, tamed the wild child inside. The one who likes to run from people getting too close. You know me better than anyone, ever. You broke through my wall, tore down the gate, infiltrated my heart and made yourself right at home.

And I fought it. A lot. For years. And so did you. But here we are… We made it through. Together. Ten years and still going strong.

You drive me crazy, you know that. You make me smile, you make me laugh those crazy belly laughs, you make me wanna punch you in the face. You can’t hold a serious conversation to save your life, you try and shoulder EVERYTHING, you’re the most serious person I know. You’re a huge contradiction, you’re a mixture of logic and emotion, you’re adventurous and a hermit. You’re perfect and imperfect, and I wouldn’t take you any other way.

You’re my opposite, my compliment, the white to my black, the water to my fire. You’re the calm to my storm, the ground to my sky, the left to my right, the grain of sand to my tank. I love everything about you, even the parts that drive me crazy. I couldn’t do any of this crazy life without you. You ground me, you keep me sane, you make me a better person.

I love you, D. And I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY that you chose me, or I chose you… Or that we chose each other. Thank you for all that you do, the good and the crazy. Happy tenth anniversary…


Here’s looking forward to so many more…


Author: Meghann

Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

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