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I’m fuming this morning. Like, I’m pretty sure you can see the steam coming off the top of my head. And with good reason, but let me first take a deep breath and put this out there:

I don’t care how you chose to raise your children.


I’ve always sorta parented by the idea that what I do with my kids is my business, so why should I get all up in yours. I also have this crazy notion that when you’re at my house, you follow the same rules as my kids. Crazy, right? Ask any of my besties with kids, and they will tell you that this is true, and that yes, I do offer parenting advice all the time. Can’t help it. Do I expect them to take it? No. It just sorta comes out. But at the core of my being, unless you are hurting your kids, or mine I honestly don’t need to be all up in your parenting bubble.

The key here? Unless you’re hurting your kids or mine.

So. That being said, let me get back up on my soapbox and present the following information for you parents out there to chew on:

There has been an ongoing issue with some older diseases in my community. Whooping cough, shingles, and most recently, measles. And not in older people… In children. Unvaccinated, school going, cute littles who are getting these horrible to deal with (and in some cases, deadly) diseases. So, once again, you don’t wanna vaccinate? Cool story, bro. You homeschool? Perfect. You never go out in public? Even better. That doesn’t effect me or mine.


If you work at, oh I don’t know, the LOCAL BAKERY who delivers to almost every single restaurant/coffee shop in town, and you have the measles because your kid brought it home from a visit across the border? Not cool, dude. Not cool.

That SERIOUSLY effects me and mine. Cuz, hi, this momma likes her coffee and breakfast sammich in the morning. Made on an everything bagel from THAT VERY SAME BAKERY. F**k me.

So, you choose not to vaccinate your kids? And you wonder why those of us who do get all bent out of shape about it? YOU ARE EFFECTING MY NINE MONTH OLD WHO CANNOT GET HIS MMR SHOT UNTIL HE IS ONE YEAR OLD. So help me, if my baby gets the measles, people will be really glad we will be quarantined for a while. I might hurt someone (probably not, but I’m super pissed and may yell a lot).

This family in our county with said measles travelled up and down the Sound this last weekend. Visiting several different counties, coming in contact with who knows how many people, some of whom can’t help but not be vaccinated because they’re too little.

I get it. People think they’re protecting their kiddos from autism, or whatever. I have a kiddo with sensory issues, who may or may not be on the autism scale, and I can tell you he’s been that way his WHOLE life. Not after he got his vaccines. Yes, sometimes the sensory stuff is hard to deal with. It’s frustrating, and amazing, and has taught me a lot about my patience level. But, I would take a really bad sensory day over watching helplessly while my child is in the hospital due to an illness that could have been prevented. Every. Single. Time.

I leave my soapbox with the following video. A sort of visual for those who need it. I’m not telling you what to do with your own children, I’m telling you that this effects more than just yours, it effects mine. And this Momma Bear HATES hospitals.

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Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

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