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Weekend Adventure

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I hadn’t been myself in a few months. I was grumpy, tired, angry, lazy, just about every negative aspect of my personality was showing. I’m not sure if it was the weather, the lack of sleep, or the knowledge that just around the corner was nine whole school free days. Whatever it was, I was BIIIIIIIIITCHY, and it was effecting EVERYTHING. My relationship with my kids, my marriage, my writing process… My whole life.

Enter this man:


He came home last Friday afternoon and said “Let’s go. Pack a bag for everyone and let’s go.”

So, I did what I was told and away we went.



Washington hiways are by far the most beautiful hiways around. We crossed over this lovely bridge on our way to our destination. We visit here about once a year… It is the most beautiful and most scary place I have ever been. Deception Pass, Google it. The history is interesting, the height will amaze you (and freak you out if you’re scared of heights like I am), and the images will make you want to visit. It really is beautiful.


As we made our way to the line for the “ferry boat,” we passed the base on Whidbey Island. I love these planes on display at the gate. They’re pretty cool, and I was lucky enough to get a shot of Old Glory waving in the wind as we zoomed passed.






As we waited for our ferry to take us across the Sound, O and I got out to explore for a few minutes. It was super windy, but I could already feel my mood shifting just being closer to the water. Add to that the excitement on my kiddos’ faces, and I felt every single muscle in my body relax. I was excited for our little escape, and knew that we would all have an amazing time.

On the ferry, we met some really nice people who were from Port Townsend (our destination). They informed us of the marine center that just opened, which was (of course) not open until noon, but next time we are there we will check it out.





Washington has a ton of really cool, inactive bases where you can hold conferences and stuff. There’s all kinds of museums and exhibits to explore, and most of them have super cool lighthouses. We always seem to make it to these places when the weather isn’t that great, but I’ve vowed to take my parents here this summer when they visit. It’s pretty cool.

Upon our arrival in Port Townsend, we disembarked in our car, found our hotel, and checked in. I let O jump on the bed because, why not?! No adventure is complete without jumping on the bed!







Also? No adventure is complete without a bath.

After finding the best pizza of my life, getting a good night’s rest, and waking up to the sounds of the happiest kids ever? I felt like my old self again. We took our time driving back, opting to go through Olympia instead of catching the ferry back. On our way home, we discovered a new hobby: geocaching.


We also found this really cool power station along the way…


By the time we got back home Saturday evening, I felt recharged. I was back to my normal, happy, asskicking, housewifey, mommy self. All I needed was a little get away with my boys.


Thanks, D. Best. Husband. Ever. I love you.


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