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Why I Won’t Be Watching The Winter Olympics


Unless you live under a rock (or just don’t pay attention to such things), the Winter Olympics are coming up. And while they aren’t my favorite Olympics (hello? Summer, ftw!), I usually watch at least the figure skating, because holy ice gymnastics. This year, they’re in Sochi, Russia… Which, okay, cool. Russia seems like a nice place to have the 2014 Winter Olympics, and I’m sure it’s super cold there, so, hi, appropriate. But there has been just a smidge of controversy surrounding the Olympics.

Vladimir Putin, who I obviously don’t know personally, has announced to the world that homosexuals aren’t welcome in his country…. Huh. Well, that seems unreasonable. Especially in 2014. And while I’m tempted to make a joke about just how unreasonable especially at the Winter Olympics, I won’t. But all jokes aside, as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to not watch them, something new has come to my attention.

Apparently, according to several news sources (which I would link if my iPad wasn’t loading so slow), the aquarium there will be featuring two orca whales. Yeah… After all the Blackfish controversy (don’t get me started), they’re going to put them on display.

I almost wonder if all this is a big f you to the rest of the world from Putin. I don’t know the guy personally, but anyone who bans a group of human beings from their country (and threatens to imprison them) may just have a chip on their shoulder? I don’t know, all I know is that I won’t be watching the games.

Will you?


Author: Meghann

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3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Watching The Winter Olympics

  1. Hmm…I completely agree with you that Russia is being a completely terrible host for the Olympics. Seeing what the 2010 Olympics did for Vancouver in regards to tourism revenue and getting our name on the map, I think it’s crazy that Putin would compromise his city and country in this negative light.

    However, I don’t believe its fair to take it out on the athletes. They have dedicated their lives to their sports. In every action these men and women take they consider how it will affect them participating in their sport. Their dedication and perseverance in getting to the Olympics and then winning a medal for themselves to represent their country should not be over shadowed by the host city’s bigotry and ignorance. I will not be supporting Russia in any way but I will be watching and cheering for my fellow Canadians.

  2. I echo Mandi’s comments and add on the fact that what *I* choose to do will have zero effect on what happens with the Olympics and I can stand on my principles all I want and boycott/protest but it’ll have exactly jack squat effect on the outcome. Sad or otherwise. It’s like boycotting Walmart; it’s ineffective and a waste of my resources because it’ll never change it. Wrong avenue in my mind. So, in light of that, I’ll happily watch the Olympics with the attitude that I don’t at all approve of Putin’s stance on things and will instead concentrate more on encouraging those with power (the IOC and so forth) to try to make better policies about what we tolerate and what we do not.

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