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100 New Things About Me For 2014

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A few of my friends revisited their 100 Things About Me lists. I, sadly, cannot find the original version from 7000 years ago as it is lost in the internet wasteland of a recycling bin somewhere. So. Here is a new list. Enjoy, and may 2014 be everything you imagine it to be.

100. I’m named after a character in the Thornbirds. I’ve never read it, but my mother says that’s where the spelling of my name comes from.

99. People ALWALYS spell my name wrong. Thanks, Mom.

98. I was born at 8:02 am. My dad, gotta love him, has called me every year on my birthday at 8:02 am (my time).

97. I used to have pet ducks when I was younger. They lived in my backyard.

96. My great grandfather on my Dad’s side came to the US in 1912 from Croatia. That makes me 1/8 Yugoslavian.

95. I am the only girl cousin on my dad’s side of the family. There are 9 (?) boys and me.

94. My grandmother on my mom’s side, my mother, me, and O are all the oldest of our respective generations in that family.

93. I am an only child.

92. I have a step-sister and two step-brothers from my dad’s remarriage, and a step-brother from my mom’s.

91. I have 9 step-nieces and nephews. All on my dad’s side. We apparently believe in large families.

90. I was baptized catholic. I never officially left the church, but never took communion from it either, so there you have it.

89. I dropped out of high school half way through my junior year, and got my GED.

88. I am a recovering (always recovering) alcoholic and addict.

87. I have been drug free for 16 years.

86. My marriage to D has been the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

85. D and I got married 364 days after we went in our first date.

84. He moved into my apartment one week after we started dating.

83. O was born in a bathtub, no drugs, at a birth center.

82. Hospitals freak me out.

81. I was a gymnast for a very short period of time.

80. I can play the piano.

79. I can also play the flute, clarinet, oboe, piccolo, xylophone.

78. I was a band geek.

77. I also swam on the swim team and played volleyball.

76. I was also in the drama club (my geek is showing)

75. I hated running when I was younger.

74. I have completed three 5k races.

73. I have obsessive compulsive disorder, and I find it really annoying.

72. I have been diagnosed, and treated, with every form of depression you can think of. I’ve been on and off medication since I was 10 years old.

71. I am currently medicated and feeling pretty darn good about life.

70. I met my lifelong friend in the principal’s office in fourth grade. She was going home and I was in trouble. We have been friends ever since.

69. I met my best friend at a certain cell phone company twelve years ago. We got hired at the same time.

68. I secretly hate crowds. They make me anxious. Especially when I have my kids with me.

67. A was also born in a bathtub (the same one, actually), drug free, at the same birth center.

66. I love to color.

65. I wish I were more artistic.

64. I have 16 tattoos.

63. I firmly believe cheating on your tattoo artist is a bad thing.

62. I have several unfinished tattoos (see #63)

61. I used to have several piercings, but when I got pregnant with O, they all started freaking out so I let them close.

60. I was expelled from my high school for not going, another high school that I didn’t go to for being around too much, and that resulted in my attending a Christian high school.

59. I was not a very nice teenager.

58. I love music. I love to sing, and dance, and will pretty much listen to anything.

57. Gwen Stefani is my spirit animal. I love that woman so much that when C and I saw her live, I cried.

56. No Doubt is my all time favorite band, but I have never seen them in concert. I have only seen Gwen when she did her solo tour.

55. My nickname growing up was “Willy.” Yes, like the whale. Yes, kids are cruel.

54. I love marine mammals.

53. I would live on a boat for the rest of my life if it were just me.

52. I’m a cat person. It’s not that I hate dogs, it’s usually just the owners I have issues with and their lack of training,

51. My grandpa was an engineer for an oil company and helped with the Alaskan pipeline.

50. He used to travel there a lot when I was a kid and bring back all kinds of yummy fish and seafood. It’s cultivated my love of seafood.

49. Ironically, my father in law lives in Homer, Alaska. And sends fish a lot. It’s great.

48. I like video games. I love to sit around and play them all day, but have found less time to do so since having kiddos.

47. I used to read. A lot. Now I can’t seem to find the time.

46. I’ve had an obsession with vampires since I was very young. I just like the history behind them. I find it fascinating.

45. I liked Twilight but refused to touch 50 Shades of Gray. No, thank you.

44. I love, love, love to be in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, you name it, I love it. No wonder I’m fat.

43. I lost 45 lbs during my last pregnancy and managed to keep most of it off…

42. A was bigger than O but my belly was WAY smaller. I do pregnancy backwards.

41. I HATED being pregnant the first time, I was sick all the time. The second full term pregnancy was okay, but worry some.

40. We lost a baby in December of 2011. It was heartbreaking and almost tore our family apart.

39. I keep everything O has ever made in school.

38. I have the post it notes that D left all over our apartment when he proposed to me.

37. Pizza is my favorite food. I loooooooove it.

36. There’s not a lot I won’t eat. I will try anything once. My son, on the other hand, is the pickiest eater ever.

35. Picky eaters make me CRAZY. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves

34. I think little boys are weird creatures that I will never understand.

33. That being said, I LOVE having boys, I cannot imagine having a little girl.

32. I love to people watch. I find myself just sitting quietly sometimes just watching people around me. It’s fascinating.

31. I love to shop. It’s really bad, and I tend to spend money when I’m depressed or anxious.

30. Grocery shopping makes me anxious, I don’t like the crowds, and people are just in my way. I know what I need and like to be in and out,

29. I used to wait tables, and loved it, I didn’t like the hours all that much (or my boss really), but I like doing something I’m good at.

28. I can be a total airhead at times, but can also hold my own in a religious, political, economical, or any heated discussion.

27. Thor is my favorite superhero.

26. I also love Iron Man, Captain America, the X Men, Batman, and the Hulk.

25. Spider-Man and Superman are my least favorite.

24. I am also into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mario.

23. I have wanted a kitchen aid stand mixer for 10 years. I keep buying D stuff (new TV, blu ray, tablet) instead of getting myself one.

22. I can’t grow my hair past my shoulders. It just won’t grow that long, it’s too fine and thin.

21. I have a very impressive collection of Martha Stewart magazines. I love Martha.

20. I absolutely hate having my picture taken, unless it’s with someone I care about.

19. I love taking pictures, and I wish I were better at it.

18. Coffee is my weakness. I cannot go a day without at least one cup of coffee.

17. The music on baby toys gives me a headache.

16. I have to have something hanging on the walls in my house. A blank wall bothers me so much, I cannot even tell you.

15. I find D to be the funniest person on the planet. However, if you tell him, I will deny it.

14. I’m afraid of spiders, balloons popping, clowns, and little people.

13. And most bugs, I hate bugs. I used to make D check the bed every night for them.

12. My middle name is Jean. So is my dad’s and my grandma on my mom’s side. D’s gma’s name is Jean as well. That’s where O’s middle name comes from.

11. A’s middle name comes from D’s Gpa. I didn’t pick A’s name. D did.

10. I was going to name A, Spencer. I’m glad we didn’t.

9. I have never been to California, unless you count the airport in San Francisco, and I don’t. I’m planning on making a trip this year.

8. I don’t see the appeal to Las Vegas. I think it’s gross, and maybe that’s because I spent a lot of time there as a kid visiting family…. But I just don’t get it,

7. I want to go to New York before I die.

6. I am afraid of flying, D’s company does airplane stuff… Does not compute. I REALLY dislike flying with him. He sees all the flaws. šŸ˜‰

5. I have a Pop Tart addiction that I am currently trying to break. So far, it’s been four days. I’m pretty proud of that fact.

4. I don’t like the snow, but I like to ski.

3. I LOVE to swim. I cannot wait for summer so we can put up the pool and go swimming.

2. I like lists. They give me comfort.

1. I would rather spend an entire day in my pajamas than get dressed in jeans. I hate the feel of jeans.

There you have it, kids. 100 things about me.


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