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Happy Holidays, Grinch

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Some days it’s really hard to be a stay at home mom. My job is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year (yes, even Mother’s Day) job. I don’t ever really get “a break.” Even when I’m away from my boys, I am always thinking about them, and worrying, and getting updates from D about what’s going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW how lucky I am. I don’t know how you working parents do it. I tried to work, twice, and I was a MESS most of the time. And that was just with ONE kiddo. I cannot even imagine working out of the house ever again. And don’t even get me started on single parents. I have MAD respect for all that you do. Props. This post isn’t about whose job is harder… Parenting in ANY capacity is difficult enough without a competition on who has it the hardest.

I had been feeling the weight of this time of year for a few weeks. I’m mostly okay being away from my family as I have been for many, many years, but if there was one time of year I could be with them… This would be it. Add to that the anniversary of our miscarriage, and if was feeling a little down. I was in need of a serious pick-me-up.


Enter this little group of kiddos. Interwebs? Meet O’s kindergarten class. This little group of kids invited every single one of their parents to school yesterday for a little holiday cheer.


And I mean, seriously, how can you say “no” to that face?! So as much as I wasn’t feeling like leaving the house in anything but my pajamas, I sucked it up, loaded the baby in the car, and away we went.


Someone was a LOT more excited about it than I was. A was cooing and giggling at all the kiddos as they made their way into the cafeteria and onto the stage for their rendition of “Jingle Bells.” My heart immediately melted.


And as O introduced me to his friends, I found myself wishing that D could be there. He was missing out. Then I looked around and found some kiddos without their mommy or daddy there with them, and my heart exploded. I knew I needed to stop with the pity party. I am SO lucky. Not every parent can afford to stay home with their kiddo, and most parents can’t take the time off to go to the school and make gingerbread houses with their kids.


Both of my parents worked. It’s just the way it was. I wish they could have been at home with me, but they were doing what they needed to do. As an adult, I get that. And I thank them for it (hi, daddy). It’s days like yesterday that sneak up on me and remind me that while my job is SUPER hard some days, most days it’s rewards outweigh the hardships. And honestly? I wouldn’t trade what I have for the highest paying job in the whole universe. Nothing compares to seeing O’s face light up when he spots me at school.

So thank you, kiddos. Thank you for giving me the best job in the whole wide world. Thank you for letting me love you, and raise you, and be there for you. Thank you, D. Thank you for having a job (also, thank you company that D works for) that allows me to be at home with our boys. I know it hasn’t always been easy, but believe me when I say I couldn’t be more grateful. And thank you, Kindergarten Gingerbread House Day for knocking me upside the head and reminding me just how lucky I am… Especially during a time when it’s so easy for me to focus on the stuff that makes me sad.


And thank you gingerbread house for just being totally epic, and bonding my son and I on a level that I can’t even explain.

Happy Holidays, y’all. Thank YOU for stopping by, even on the days when it’s clouds and rain around here, just know that I am truly thankful for you all.


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Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

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