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Let’s Talk: Television

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I made it through the first week of NaBloPoMo! YAY! Considering what a week it has been, I’m actually REALLY proud of this fact. So here we go, onto week 2.

Since A was up coughing all night, and I had very little sleep, I decided that writing about something that I know would be better than trying to write about something that required WAY too much thought process. Although my BFF DID come up with a very interesting topic which I will be writing about later on this week. So, stay tuned for that.

Nope, nothing too deep here today. Just gonna talk about TV. That’s right. Television. Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s TV.

We have a certain schedule around here. O gets to watch cartoons during the day (and play video games some days), but for the most part, we save our adult programming until after showers are done and kiddos are in bed (or nursing to GET to bed). My DVR right now is only 42% free. That’s because I have over 40 episodes of just one show to watch, but I will get to that in a minute. We are behind on certain shows (How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The Amazing Race) because we favor other shows above those. There are also some shows that I watch that D does not, and other shows that have a limited season which we only watch during that time (or sometimes download and binge watch depending on which channel/show).

If I had to choose only one show to watch each night (backlog of episodes not counting here), it would be SUPER hard for me to choose just one each night. We usually have enough time to watch two before we go to bed (or D starts to nod off on the couch). So, just for fun… let’s see what Meghann would choose to watch each night….

Sunday: This is really easy. There’s only one show I would watch on Sunday, and that’s Revenge. I USED to watch Once Upon A Time, but this season just hasn’t hooked me, so I stopped watching it. Revenge’s second season was a tad bit predictable, but since the current (and third) season has started, I’m right back in it. Nolan is my absolute favorite character, and I’m sure they’re gonna kill him off at some point, but until then… I’ll just keep enjoying his wit (and style).

Monday: Oooooh Monday. I love Monday night TV. But not for the shows that most people do (although my #1 pick on Monday night is the #1 fall drama)…. The Blacklist and Castle. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE James Spader. And this show? Amazing. From the very first episode, I was hooked. I look forward to watching each and every week, and there are SO many layers to this show. I refuse to spoil it for ANYone, but if you’re NOT watching? You’re missing out. And Castle… how can you NOT love a show which Nathan Fillion is the star of. I mean, really. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s goofy, but most of all? He’s handsome (and Beckett’s not bad either, gents.). I love the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, but I also love the relationship between Castle and his daughter, Alexis. It’s a great “cop” show with amazing one liners, and an incredible cast. A must see on Monday nights.

Tuesday: Ah Tuesday. Tuesday is one of those nights that I would watch TV all alone. The two shows that I LOVE (and cannot miss) are ones that D could watch or not, which is usually fine since I have some time to watch them when O is at school on Wednesday. Tuesday night is the night my absolute FAVORITE show is on, Supernatural. Anyone who knows me well knows I have a slight obsession with the supernatural, and this show? Right up my alley. Dean and Sam are hot hunters going after something supernatural in nature in every single episode. This show is home to some of the best one liners EVER, and some of my favorite stars from other shows have guest starred as well (HELLO, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters!!!!) It’s just an all around good time, with lots of fun stuff from beyond, and is also the show that I have over 40 episodes to watch (thank you TNT) since I wanted to watch it from the beginning. The other show, which should come as no surprise, is The Originals. New this season, this Vampire Diaries spin-off is hooking me more and more with each episode. Based in New Orleans (THE most supernatural city in the country), it’s a show about the war between witches and vampires. Throw in some warewolves and you have some of my very favorite things all in one show. It’s awesome, and if you’re into that stuff, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday: Wednesday is easy as there are only two shows that I really, absolutely care about on this day. Survivor and Revolution. We have been watching Survivor together for the last ten years. D has been watching since the very first season, and I remember finding old episodes on some other channel to watch just so I could catch up. I don’t know what it is about that show, but we love it… and this season is proving to be very interesting. It’s the ONLY non-cooking reality show I watch, and the family episodes make me bawl like a baby every single time. Revolution is another on of those shows that I simply cannot wait to watch. For you LOST fans, it’s another JJ Abrams show, and it’s every bit as good (if not, better) than LOST. To quote TV guide: “In a postapocalyptic future, a young woman and her uncle set out to rescue her kidnapped brother from a militia that wanted her now-dead dad, who 15 years earlier may have played a role in causing all forms of electricity to simply stop working.” Yeah… it’s awesome. And it stars Billy Burke.

Thursday: The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder. Vampires, witches, warewolves. Need I say more? And The Big Bang Theory. I love this show. Sheldon is my spirit animal, and I just can’t wait to turn this show on and laugh until my insides hurt. I’m a HUGE Kaley Cuoco fan, and she cracks me up every single Thursday night. It really is delightful. I used to watch Glee, but last season was just “meh” for me. I did watch the Cory tribute, but that’s all I’ve watched this season.

Friday: Master Chef Junior (which I realize is a short season show, but it’s currently on). These kids blow my fricking mind. I cannot believe how crazy talented they are. And they’re SO CUTE to boot. Watching them cook inspires me to get in the kitchen…. and I LOVE how the judges are with the kids. It’s nice to see the softer side of Gordon and Joe (cuz Graham is just a teddy bear anyway). Annnnnnd you know what’s coming don’t you? Dracula. Vampire show? I’m down. I’ve only had a chance to sink my teeth (see what I did there?!) into the first half of the first episode, but I really am enjoying it so far. It’s smart, and creepy, and everything a revamp (HA! I’m on fire) should be.

Saturday? There’s nothing I care about. So I usually use that time to catch up on the other shows from the rest of the week (How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Agents of SHIELD (which I LOVE, just not as much as The Originals or Supernatural), Person of Interest, and Modern Family rounds out our weekly shows).

There are a few short season/other season shows that I watch… Homeland, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, Under the Dome, The Following (LOVE it), and Hannibal. I may have to rearrange my MUST SEE shows when those come back on (although Homeland we usually binge watch).

And a few shows that I watch that D doesn’t…. Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood

And there’s one show that we never, ever miss… Chelsea Lately. Because that bitch is HILARIOUS (and COMPLETELY inappropriate for those who don’t watch).

That’s about it, folks. My MUST SEE TV shows for right now. There are a few new shows coming out mid season that we will probably be giving a test run. I’ll let you know what we think.

Until next time….


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