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Let’s Talk: More Food

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Part of the reason I usually fail at this whole NaBloPoMo thing is because I can’t come up with stuff to write about EVERY single day. Truth be told? My life is pretty boring, even WITH a new baby (who is not so new anymore). We get up, do our daily thing, wait for Daddy to come home, eat dinner, go to bed, rinse and repeat. Our weekends are usually filled with cleaning up the house, visiting D’s grandma, grocery shopping, or having people over for dinner. We really are truly boring people.

So, I reached out to the one person I knew could give me something to write about… My Best Friend (who is ALSO doing NaBloPoMo). So… here we go. 

My Favorite Meal to Make and Why It’s My Favorite

(I feel like I’m writing an essay for an eighth grade English teacher)

I don’t have just ONE thing that I LOVE to cook. Which makes this topic really hard for me to write about. Because I can pretty much cook anything. You name it, I’ve either a) attempted to cook it and succeeded, b) mastered it, or c) have yet to attempt to make it but will give it my best shot just because you asked me to make it. When people come to my house for an informal dinner (as opposed to a formal one, Megs? WTF?! You don’t DO formal), I ALWAYS ask them what they want to eat. Most of my peeps say “whatever you want to make.” Which is COMPLETELY unacceptable. I thrive on giving my guests exactly what they’re in the mood for. Unless you my best friend. Because she doesn’t like onions. And that’s just crazy talk. So I don’t ask her anymore. She gets what she gets and eats around the onions.

However, if I HAD to choose my top three favorite things to make, I would have to take into consideration my top three favorite things to eat. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing like working in the kitchen all day only to sit down and not really want to eat whatever it is you just made because you’re not happy with it. It’s a really shitty feeling, and I HATE that. So if I’m gonna spend ALL day in the kitchen, it better be something that I LOVE to eat no matter what I think about MY version of it. So taking all of that into consideration, here’s my top three.

1) Pizza. If you know me, or have been to my house to eat at some point, you know that pizza is my all time favorite food. I could eat it all day every day, in every shape and form, with whatever toppings you throw at me (even olives which are one of the VERY FEW things I don’t really like to eat). We used to get a particularly delicious pizza from a certain take-and-bake pizza chain here in town, until Miranda the Dreamcrusher told us they no longer make it. So I had to come up with a suitable substitute on my own. It has become my all-time favorite pizza, and you really shouldn’t knock it until you try it… My homemade herb/garlic pizza crust, a white garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, sage sausage, mushrooms, bacon, spinach, goat cheese. MMMMMMMMMM, delicious.

2) Thanksgiving dinner. It’s true. I LOVE making Thanksgiving dinner. For the last ten years (save for, like, two years) I’ve had the honor of making this holiday feast for family. Most people think it’s a big pain in the ass, but I say the MORE THE MERRIER!!! It’s one of my favorite holiday meals; turkey, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, pies…. mmmmmm. I love it all. I could eat it every day for a week, and I usually make so much food that we DO end up eating it for a week. I have been known in the past to eat so much I’ve made myself sick. And while I do the turkey the same way every year (a dry brine works best for us), I’ve adapted all the fixin’s over the years based on what we feel like making. I also love making this dinner because D gets in there and helps me out every step of the way. I don’t let a lot of people (or anyone really) cook with me, but I love it when we cook together.

3) Skiier’s Stew. I don’t get to make this a lot because D doesn’t like mushrooms. But this dish gives me so many good memories of home. It’s basically beef stroganoff, but with a few little twists (like a lot of alcohol for one). This recipe has been handed down from my grandmother, to my mother, and finally to me. We serve it over rice, but noodles are good too… it’s an afternoon’s worth of work for your oven but OH SO WORTH IT on a cold day. Now that the weather is getting cooler here, I really wanna bust out this recipe and force feed it to D. I love the smell it creates in my house, and the memories of my momma and grandma that it conjures up every time I make it.

And just for kicks… I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t something baked on this list.

4) Paticia. This particular bread (because I just don’t know what else to call it) is an old family recipe from my dad’s side. It’s basically a dessert/breakfast bread made from a sweet dough and rolled with a walnut mixture in the middle. You wanna talk about an all day baking project… this takes the cake (ha! See what I did there?!). My grandmother used to make this for Christmas and Easter (?) every single year. Making it makes me think of her (and the rest of that side of the family) and how much I miss them terribly. A few years ago (on New Year’s Day), I made it and took it to my Uncle Mike’s house where our family got together after not seeing each other for over 10 years. It was fun to get together, and everyone said I did an amazing job on the paticia, that grandma would be proud. I’m pretty sure my heart grew three sizes bigger that day. 😉

So there you have it. A few of my favorite things to cook/bake. Now you know so the next time you come over, you can request one.


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