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Let’s Talk: Pictures

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Today is party day, so this post is going to be super short… I still have a lot to do.

We had our pictures taken recently. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of them. I’ve been waiting for my guuuuurl Alexis to get me the rest of them, and this morning she FINALLY delivered them to my door (HI LEXI!!!).

You guys, I cannot even tell you how happy I am with all of the pictures that she did. They’re AMAZING. And I am SO, SO thankful that she’s SO talented and was able to take our pictures. I’m sure I’ll be posting some here and there over the next few weeks. but I wanted to share just a few of my favorites with you.

Awwwww. <3

Awwwww. ❤


Tell me this isn’t super cute


Ewwww guys!!!


My handsome boys


My big boy

I mean, seriously you guys… Aren’t they the best?!?!

I have contact info if anyone would like her to shoot them. THANK YOU ALEXIS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


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One thought on “Let’s Talk: Pictures

  1. Gorgeous! The one of you by yourself reminds me of Claire Danes circa My So Called Life. Except, of course, you’re smiling. 😉

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