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The Funniest Thing Happened To Me Today

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So, we decided that since Taco Bell just came out with their new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco, and I’m pregnant (DUH) that we would go there for dinner. Little did I know that my biggest delight of the week would happen while there.


After placing our order, Hubby decided he would get our drinks and bring our food to the table of my choice… such a winner, that one. I chose to sit in the corner booth behind four 20-something hipsters who appeared to be of the normal variety. A few minutes into our dinner, I started eavesdropping (as I am sometimes known to do… thank you, genetics). They were discussing roommates, and money, and friends, and “the first time I met so and so,” and what have you. I asked Hubby if he missed being 20. Because I don’t. I don’t miss thinking that the whole world revolves around me, I’m 30 something now… I know it does.


The conversation turned into a very loud declaration made by one of the gentlemen that he needed to use the restroom. Except it wasn’t put so politely. I believe his exact words were “I need to take a shit.” The woman across the room in her 60s probably heard him. So, as he was getting up from the table, his girlfriend (at least I assume that’s who she was since his arm was around her most of the time) decided she needed to see what her friend was doing on the other side of the table….


So she parked herself right next to Hubby. At our table.


Now, those of you who know me AT ALL know that were I NOT pregnant, and NOT over the age of 20-something… I probably would have clawed her little hipster eyes out. Instead, I just cleared my throat a few times, glared at her boyfriend (who had returned from the restroom only to announce that it was occupied and he REALLY needed to go somewhere with a bathroom), and smiled at the woman next to me who was rolling her eyes at the girl and giggling at me.


I said something. I said IN MY NICE VOICE: “Excuse me? Would you mind backing out of our personal space? Thanks.”


That’s it.


Guys, seriously. That’s all I said.


She backed away from me like I had struck her in the face… which had I done, she wouldn’t have been able to walk.






Her friend decided to say to me “Excuse me, you might not want to be so rude to people.”


Guys, I laughed my ass off and said to her friend as she was walking out the door “That’s a whole hell of a lot nicer than I wanted to be.”


And the woman next to me added “And A LOT nicer than I would have been.”


It was the weirdest thing ever.


Now I know, I’m a little intimidating, or so I have been told on more than one occasion. And I also realize that my nice voice can sometimes be heard as not nice… but, I really was nice. I was firm, but nice. I said “Thank you.” I said “Excuse me.” And I sure as hell didn’t announce to the entire fast food joint that I needed to take a shit in the bathroom.


So… I dunno… Maybe 20-somethings need a little lesson in what really is nice (or acceptable) in a social setting? Because plopping yourself down next to a strange man who is OBVIOUSLY WITH HIS WIFE AND CHILD?!?!?!



That’s like, so not okay, okay? (Said in my best Valley Girl Voice)



I love, love, love college kids (dammit, now I feel old…. bitches).


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Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

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