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I Feel Like A New Mom

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Last night was awful. I haven’t slept that bad since I actually was in labor with the kiddo.

Yesterday started off pretty good. We went to Grandma’s house to chit chat, get O’s Halloween costume hemmed, have some coffee and cookies. Then the hubby, kiddo, and I all went to get some lunch. After lunch we went for a really long walk/bike ride. And then?

Then my kid decided to choose his left over sprite over the water I gave him. And then, after I made some dinner, we decided we would take some back to Gma. Where there are cookies, and Daddy’s soda…

And a kid who was just flopping on the chair, eyes half closed.

If you know my kid at all, you know that no matter how tired he is, he doesn’t sit still. Ever. I knew something was wrong.

So home we went. And up everything came in the car. And again after we tried to have him eat something. And again at about midnight.

And I didn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time. I did set my alarm on my phone for four am to make sure he was still okay.

He moved himself from his bed to his floor, wanted a cold washcloth all night, and was just so helpless. And so was I.

My husband is awesome, I don’t know what I would have done without him. He keeps me grounded at times like this, tells me to “get off the Google.” And he let me sleep this morning, and just now made me breakfast. I couldn’t do this whole parenting thing without him. I’d be a ball in the corner thinking O had something horrible, I’m sure. It’s in my genes.

This morning is a little brighter. He’s drinking water. We are easing back into food. And I got a little sleep. He is NEVER this sick, guys. Ever. Freaked me right the hell out.

You’d think I was new at this…


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Stay at home mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. This is my place to brag about my kids, my husband, my family, my friends... and to get a little opinionated.

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