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Election Day Cannot Come Fast Enough

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I resisted the urge to rant and rave on Twitter this morning. Mostly because I have a lot to say, and 140 characters just isn’t gonna cut it for this loud mouth.

I want to discuss two things:

1) posting political things on Facebook and Twitter that are simply copied from someone else and have no personal thought behind them.

2) why it’s okay to spark discussion but not regurgitate baseless information.

Okay so. I have seen A LOT of retweets/FB posts/etc that are politically centered. And I get it. This election is going to be a doozy. People aren’t happy with what’s happened in the last 12 years (or just 4 for some people), and they are very vocal about it. They want a change. They want to be successful on all counts, economy, military, education, etc. I get it, really, I do.

Here’s the thing: reposting something on your social media site isn’t going to change anyone’s vote. Especially if it’s the opinion of a celebrity. I have retweeted jokes made, because I think they’re hysterical. But reposting something that Rosey O’Donnell or Donald Trump or Roseanne Barr said that’s politically charged isn’t going to change anyone’s vote. It is, in fact, most of the time not even based on actual facts. So just stop.

Yes, it is a free country. Yes, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. Yes, I respect my friends and their differences in opinion. But what I respect more? A person who can have an educated conversation with me about politics, not just spew “facts” that come from a bogus source.

There are two things I don’t talk about with the public: religion and politics*. I have my opinions and beliefs, you have yours. Social media, though influential, is not going to change most people’s views on either.

I have said this before, and I will say it again… Just in extended form.

This election IS important. There are A LOT of issues being discussed, important issues. Before you pick a “side” listen. Listen to what the candidates are saying, and what they’re not saying. Read. Read Fox News, CNN, Huffington Post, every news source that you can find because let’s face it, they’re just as biased as we are. So read, and read again, and then read between the lines. Educate yourself so that you know exactly what you’re voting for. Open your mind, listen to both sides, because there are things that you may agree with from the opposing party. And you may find that you don’t agree, with any of it, and that’s okay, too. Just educated yourself. Don’t vote for Romney because he’s a Republican. Don’t vote for Obama because he’s a Democrat. Vote for the person, not the party. Educate yourself on what they’ve done in their respective offices in the past. Know what you’re voting for.

Because in three and a half years when you’re complaining because things haven’t changed, or have and they’re worse, I’m going to say “I told you to get educated.”

End rant.

*and you will notice that I STILL don’t take a side here in this post. Because this post isn’t about who I’m voting for, or who I think is the better candidate. So for those who are gonna get all pissy, saying that I’m telling you who to vote for, take my above advice and READ.


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