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It’s Freaking October

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Well, here we are. It’s October. And once again, I’m doing a personal fitness challenge.


Yesterday went well, better than I had expected but not quite where I wanted to be. Which tells me that being mad at myself for not training like I should have was warranted. Hence the fitness challenge, time to get me back to where I need to be. Except this time? Not gonna get pregnant in the middle of the month like last year. I’m just saying, that puts a damper on things.


Anyway, yesterday. It was cold, and sunny, and perfect running weather. I felt good, other than race day nerves, and I ran more than I did last year. That course is actually pretty hilly, so I’m proud of what I did. I beat my last year’s time by 1:25, which for not training like I should have (and slacking off MAJORLY for the last month or so) is pretty damn good. I met a girl who was running with a friend, and it was her first race. She did really well, and beat me to the finish. We chatted for a few minutes before my kiddo and hubby (who were AWESOME and came to support me) accosted me, and she was looking forward to next year already. I was happy for her, proud of what I’d done, but sad that my bestie wasn’t there this year. Next year, I’m gonna make her, she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m gonna.


I’m looking forward to taking the next year to get super serious about running. I want to do the half next year, and I want to run a lot of it. That’s a long ways, and most people will take 4 or 5 months (sometimes 6) to get ready, but I need a year. I need a few more short distances under my belt (Turkey Trot in November, Jingle Bell Run in December, and a 5 or 10k in May) before I will be able to commit to that. 13.1 miles…. that’s a long ways, but I remember how 3.1 sounded like a long ways a year and a half ago. I can do it, I just really need to commit. To the exercise AND the food changes.


But first? It’s time to decorate for Halloween… my FAVORITE holiday of the year. If I can get out of my chair that is…


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