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I Was Running…

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Race day is only 6 days away.


That’s just crazy sounding to me. I really haven’t trained a lot this last month. As a matter of fact, this whole summer has kind of been just run when I can. Kind of like last summer, just a little longer runs.


It’s so weird to talk about running still. I’ve only been doing it for about a year and a half. I remember when I first started, I could barely run for 3 minutes. Now, I run for 25 minutes at a time (usually a mile and a half). I’m sure I could run for more if I REALLY pushed myself to do it (which I really should start doing), but I don’t. But seriously… look at the difference. It kinda cracks me up.


I’m thinking about cancelling our gym membership. We don’t use it. I went back to running outside (which is MUCH harder, by the way, and I like it that way), and D has been walking at lunch at work. They’re also talking about putting a gym in AT his work, so what’s the point really?! We have workout videos at home that I can use for cross training when I decide to get serious again, and an exercise bike that has been sitting in the corner for like… 9 months now.


Speaking of getting serious about training, I’m trying to talk myself into doing that. I’m trying to convince myself that by the end of 2013, I will do a half marathon. I haven’t been eating like I should, I haven’t been cross training like I should, and I really haven’t been pushing myself when I run. So, I have to start somewhere, and this weekend’s race is going to be my starting point. I WILL FINISH FASTER THAN MY LAST RACE. I WILL RUN MORE THAN I WALK.




By the last weekend in September of 2013, I will be doing half marathons. Even if the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon of 2013 is my first.


I talked to a friend of my SIL’s and she was telling me that going for 45 minutes at 80% is the key. Start off there, and in like 12 weeks I should feel like a million bucks (okay, maybe not a million bucks, but lighter and ready to go). If I can get the exercise part going again (I feel a fitness challenge coming on??? Anyone???), maybe the food part will come a little bit better. Not that I’ve been eating HORRIBLY, just not like I should. Lots of bread… mmmm bread.


I’m proud of where I am. Of how far I’ve come. My average runs are 2 miles. A year ago, 2 miles seemed like SO far. I remember signing up for the Bellingham Bay 5k (this weekend’s race) last year and thinking… 3.1 miles is so far. When I DO do the 3.1 mile runs, my body doesn’t even hurt afterwards (holy cow, step it up, Megs). I just need to believe I can step it up a bit.


And I can.


So, this weekend…



1) Finish (cuz that’s most important)

2) Finish faster than 40:12 (I totally can, I know I can)

3) Run more than I walk (also totally can)

4) Have fun (also very important)


And then in October… fitness challenge… anyone wanna join me?? (I’m looking at YOU, C)


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